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tv   [untitled]    December 26, 2011 5:01pm-5:31pm PST

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been and we hope it will continue to be a great contributor to the neighborhood for many reasons including employment, safety, tax contribution, tourism, as well as its primary function of making the city of more desirable place to comment to live. i want to thank you for listening to this end i do have some copies of the board of directors statement i would like to leave with you. thank you. president newlin: thank you. anyone else? >> i've been down in south of market since 1974, i have been through five or six of these. i would like to commend commissioner meko on an amazing test he took on. for the most part i think there
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is a lot of good stuff in this plan. he is thinking about the future of entertainment venue. a lot of those entertainment venues have been there long time. there is one on seventh street that we're working on that is in a sorry state of repair. the funny zoning does not allow them to be rebuilt because there nonconforming uses. i am -- also represent slim's nightclub. one neighbor in enda loft building almost put slim's out of business. the owners were not going to renew their lease because it was too much of a hassle. that is one building. you have six or seven or eight entertainment venues. if we are going to have enclave districts, we ought to look at
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how we're going to protect those valuable entertainment venues along 11th street. if we had more housing i would guarantee you the housing people will win at the night clubs will lose. i concur with that. we have to look at that and preserve that important space and street. thank you. president newlin: anybody else on this item? >> i am the development and projects director for folsom street events. mr. rybak any measure that can help -- there is an ongoing discussion about the designation of the 300 block. it is a special use district. over the past decade south of
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market has lost many of its venues. the news that can accommodate between 5000 people. perhaps the only remaining midsize the news are the lounge and while it is still important to have smaller clubs, their legal capacities are under 800. folsom street relies heavily on midsized been used during san francisco leather week. when we welcome and entertained hundreds of thousands of tourists. it is difficult to find and entertainment venues that does pose challenges to its immediate neighbors in terms of parking noise and other issues. last year come awful some had to move the closing party out of south of market to the mission to public works. the end product resulted in
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complaints from neighbors and business owners. there will never be an ideal location for protected entertainment district. if we do not begin this process i am protecting what we have, we will find there are no more been used to entertain sizable tourist populations. we will quickly find ourselves with tourism based events. and an inability to properly accommodate those who visit san francisco. >> good evening. i am the arch representative on the western soma citizens task
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force. it has been a long process. i have learned a tremendous amount of how the city works. i would like to credit jim meko. his committment is how the legislation came about. we have an ongoing lack of consensus on issues related to entertainment. it has not been at -- adequately represented. it is my humble opinion this issue is not going to be resolved on the task force. it will be up to the entertainment commission and the board to put forward what i hope is a better, more comprehensive solution. some -- we have done some excellent things. there is a huge improvement over the greatly flawed plan from 1990. if you look at the tapes were
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see the map about where entertainment is it is not allowed there. this is allowed for a large amount of uses. we have had the chance to rectify that. it is an ideal an appropriate location. the focus currently seems to be on 11th street. it looks like this may be the only way to resolve this. this district goes up to south of 11th street. it does not make a great deal of sense why could not be continued 1 blocked within the entire neighborhood to allow and recognize the existing concentration of entertainment usages. it will be impossible, it will not happen to reclaim -- we locate these businesses. i did not have a color copy but we will see there are massive areas.
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you have the police station and the freeways and you have a lot of other businesses that will not become nightclubs. we have failed folsom street. and protecting them. i could be incorrect but our sound mitigation measures were pre-existing. we had some discussions on that but that needed some evolution. we have done to -- some things and allowing the building is demolished to have rebuilt. we want to make sure that one does not stick. we have a ways to go. i hope the entertainment commission continues to keep this dialogue active. i will as a representative and citizen participate. thank you for your time.
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president newlin: anyone else? we will move onto item 6. do we need a motion? you said that items a, c, and d are to be continued. do we need a motion? >> can i use one motion to continue them? i move to continue michael patterson doing business as criolla, the lucky horseshoe, and blackthorn. i amend to january 10. >> second.
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>> item 6b. the lucky horseshoe. >> it is a small bar on cortland that occupies the space formerly know it -- known as skips. the honor has applied for entertainment permit. you have started to look at this. to be clear about what is in it. the first section is the application and the recommended conditions from the police department. the second is copies of letters and e-mail of support numbering approximately 145 individuals. there are approximately 12 or
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so individuals opposed to the permit. the large stack of letters of support reflects a great deal of our reach. that the applicant did. there is one copy of it. commissioner joseph, i believe i gave it to you. the big poster. that is an announcement for neighborhood meeting at the bar. a lot of the letters and emails are personal. a lot of them have address is attached showing they live nearby. not far and they're pretty detailed. some of them are pretty long. one reason there was so much outrage -- outreach is because
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of the bad reputation that skips had. i was not around so i am not sure how any behavior was handled by the commission or sfpd but it seems to have had a pretty bad reputation and eroded trust in the neighborhood and people lost patience with them. if you look closely, it is clear that the letters are against the old owner and not necessarily the new one even though they are expressing a great deal of skepticism about how the new venue would operate. it is difficult to find, even the letters of opposition specifics about the current operator. because there is a new owner and opportunity here for fresh start, because she has worked well with sfpd and us and the neighborhood because it is unrelated because there is a new name, and there has been so much
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support from the neighborhood, staff recommends the approval of the permit. >> tecate. -- ok. [applause] >> i did not realize you were so popular. did you want to come forward? do you want to introduce yourself? >> i am eric embry, thanks. also to everyone who came out tonight. i will start a stopwatch here. we want to tell you a little bit about ourselves first just so you will know who we're.
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there has been a lot of skepticism. anyone is welcome who respects our business. i have more of a role in entertainment, we share responsibility. lisa is the manager but i will have mor eto do with entertainment. i am from gatlinburg, tennessee.
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music has been part of my life as long as i can remember. i took six years of piano and picked up th ebanjo six yeraars ago. we played on "dirty jobs," i have performed with the clinch mountain boys. i have a degree in anthropology.
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it had a place of entertainment permit. the permit is half of our vision. we have been open six months. the first three, lisa kicked out the troublemakers. she did it on her own. you will find claims we never hired security which isnot true. we have conditions we followed to the letter. they require us to close earlier than skips had to. one thing that i learned, my dad
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had a bar. twothings are essential to run in a bar. one is having a great relationship with the police department. he recommended for this permit. >> i would like to see that first. >> is there anyone else -- thing else you want to add?
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commisioner joseph: you are a new owner, we take that into consideration. are you operating without a permit? >> we dno'on't have entertainme. commisioner joseph: i wanted to be clear. i want to ask about the police conditions. you have eight staff and a load of 49. is that full time? >> no. it is what we are going to have when we have entertainment.
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we don't need the different elements when we have a band. >> how are you going to support people on 49? >> sometimes it will be a doorperson and bartender. >commisioner joseph: these are part time person. >> two of them are lisa and myself. commisioner joseph: you expect 20 people to arrive by car? >> most walk. we have done no advertising, it is in the marquee.
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when you look at the petitions, many live in walking distance. they can come in and watch some great music and walk home. hopefully no one has to drive. people can walk from home. commisioner joseph: i do suggest you have your entire staff take the training can you verbalize to me what your sound attenuation plan is? not letting sound leak out of
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your structure? >> we went to the commission. we are keeping the door closed and add curtains inside. we will add material on the backside and plywood on the stage to deaden the drum as well as another sound wall. >> we are putting acoustic material on the ceiling. anywhere we think we might need to do that. if there is leakage we will do
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soundproofing. most of our music is acousting. we don't suspect we will do a great deal. commisioner joseph:i wanted to go over the police conditions. sunday-wednesday you are open until midnight thirty. that is the hours of entertainment. >> we agree. and then on thursday, friday, and thursday 4:00 p.m. to 1:30
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p.m. is that what that says? noon to 1:30 p.m. if you go after it is saturday. is that what you agreed to? on saturday you can start at noon. on friday and saturday it ends at 1:30 p.. -- p.m. >> during the week we open at four. there might be a special event.
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if we want to have music, we are opening at 4:00 p.m. commisioner joseph: it is 4:00 p.m. thursday and friday, is that acceptable? >> we want to be operating and have live music. we would open at 10:00 a.m. there would be a special event we would open early for. president newlincommisioner jose
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department is asking this applicant post the good neighbor policy. >> the permit we issue and the condition is required to be available. >> another is camera systems inside and outside with 30 day storage. motion sensors should be turned off. recording speed no less than 30 frames/second. and using the highest resolution
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possible. all exterior cameras shall be enclosed. did you speak to the police about that condition? >> we agree. commisioner joseph: what about inside? >> we are being asked to hold storage. i don't know that our computer will hold all the information we need for 15 days. and we are adding an additional camera. i wouldl ike to the -- add the
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storage. commisioner joseph: i am not comfortable requiring any cameras. >> that is fine with me. commisioner joseph: we can't require it. you can do it. president newlin: any other questions? >> thanks for the outreach. i am reading some complaints. >> there was the business alliance going on. and it was my understanding that all permits we would need
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since the bba asked me to get bands that i went and did that. it was one of the first days i was open. it was confusion and a miscommunication. when that got cleared up, we spoke about that. i didn't understand that and we won't let anyone open the piano until we have done that. we are sorry. >> there is complaints about the parkinglot. worries you won't be able to
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contain the drunks falling out of your doors. how will you contain them? and whta you -- what you will do around the parking lot? all the activities used to occur with parked cars. >> here are the patrons now and
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they understand what we have gone through. i explaine d you have to be quiet. i think the biggest change will be to explain that. we have a plan. we will create a contract so they understand and are given a copy of the policy. they will understand what we are held to. there will be consequences. they may forfeit getting paid. we thought that was fair.


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